Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Life Changing??

So a few weeks ago Chris and I were shoe shopping, for him of course, and in one of the many many shoe stores we were in that day there was this really random guy. He started telling us all about this study that said the less you spend on shoes the less injuries you had and all this weird stuff. Well he began telling me that I should read this book, called Born to Run. Well I sarcastically asked him if it would change my life and he very seriously said that it would and everyone he told to read this book said that it did, in fact, change their life. So I went out that weekend and picked up the book, who couldn't use a life changing book right? Well so far I am about half way through it. I have not have not reached the life changing point yet, but it is a good book and I love reading.

Also I have been wanting to loose some weight, okay I have been wanting to loose some weight for the past six years. So I am putting it out on the internet hoping that this will help my motivation. I think that if I know other people know what I am doing or want to be doing then I will be better about doing it. Or if nothing else just so that I write it down for myself as a goal and because it is written, I will have to do it.

So here's hoping.....