Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lake Powell

We went to Lake Powell on Wednesday. It was so much fun. Powell is by far one of my most favorite vacation spots. We had a great time.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy Birthday

My birthday is tomorrow. I am not excited for my birthday at all this year. Normally I love my birthday. I usually plan a big party with my whole family complete with hot dogs and cake, not this year. This year I have to work, not only do I have to work, I have to work until 10:30PM. I hate growing up. Birthdays used to be so exciting, now it is just like a regular day. Oh well...

On a side note I got my birthday present a few weeks ago. A brand new pair of these... Mine are bright pink... But I also want this black pair.


When I run in these shoes I feel like I am awesome at running. I know that it is probably just a mental thing, but I love, love, love these running shoes.

Update: I ended up getting the day off, and I went to lunch with my mom. It ended up being a great day.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Capitol Reef

Last week Chris and I went to Capitol Reef for a few days. It was fun to get away, especially since we had to work on the holiday weekend. We were both so excited to leave that we forgot our camera. But we were able to get a few pictures on my cell phone, then we bought a disposable camera, so the pictures aren't the greatest, but it was fun none the less and I decided that I am going to try really hard to get into better shape because we did a little easy hiking and I felt like it just about killed me.


I just wanted to share a few pet peeves of mine. I really just want to vent because I have been really annoyed at people lately. So here are some things that have been buggin' me lately:
  • When the song Manic Monday by The Bengals is played on any day except for Monday.
  • The fact that Prince's Party like it's 1999 is still played on the radio at all, it was 10 years ago folks. Let's get over it.
  • When people give their children difficult names and then get mad if you can't spell it correctly or pronounce it right. Guess what people, your child if going to hate you for giving them a ridiculous name in about 15 years.
  • When television sitcoms play holiday reruns in the summer. There is nothing more annoying to me than sitting in my house with the windows open, sweating, and the episode of my favorite T.V. show is celebrating Christmas.
  • When customers tell me how to do my job. Thanks sir, but I was trained to do this job and you were not. If you could just be a little bit patient, I am going a little slow so that I don't cause a problem for you later on, so please just stand there quietly and we will get it worked out for you.
  • I hate when people pull out in front of me and go less than the speed limit. REALLY! I also hate when people practically stop in the driving lane to make a turn. If there is no medium and no shoulder then it is acceptable, but all the roads I drive on have turning lanes and shoulders so there should be no stopping on the road to make your turn.
I know that this post is all about complaining I just had to get a few things off my chest.