Monday, June 13, 2011

Funny story

So today Chris and I were driving around and talking. We somehow got on the topic of prohibition and started to talk about how long it lasted. I was telling Chris that it lasted for quite some time. He disagreed with me, so in order to prove him wrong I got on the cell phone to look something up on the internet. (In case you were wondering it lasted from 1920-1933) Our cell phones automatically picks up the closest wireless network. The name of the wirless network it picked up happened to be moonshine. I thought that it was very funny that as I went to do a search about prohibition it wanted me to make it on the moonshine wireless network.

Also we were waiting in the parking lot of the Pizza place because we arrived too early to pick up our pizzas. As we were sitting there a guy went to pull out of the parking lot with his pizzas still on top of his car. I couldn't let him actually drive away like that (although it would have been kinda funny) so I waved him down in the parking lot, he thought I was crazy, but I guess that's better than having road pizza.

One year older and wiser too...

I celebrated a birthday this week. I thought I was OK with my age but I actually struggled with it. I'm not sure why I had such a hard time with this birthday, I'm sure next year will be even harder.

I had a birthday party with my family and friend (Jodi is the only one who came) at South Fork Park.

Me and Chris

Me, Aspen and the cake. YUM!

My mom and pops

Paul and Cynthia

Amii and Dustin

Deborah Ann and JR