Wednesday, April 10, 2013

1 Year

This title has lots of significance. I haven't written on this blog in more than a year. But the biggest significance is that April marks that one year mark that Christian and I started crossfit.

I had never ever heard of cross fit before January 2012. One Sunday afternoon Christian and I were watching T.V. and he turned it over to ESPN and the 2012 Crossfit Games were being broadcast. We watching it and I remember thinking that these people were CRAZY! They were doing things like double unders, handstand push ups, rowing, and pushing sleds full of weight that was more than they were. I remember just saying over and over who would do this? and why would anyone want to do anything like this?
Well a few weeks passed and I saw on Facebook, one of my friends posted pictures of her husbands crossfit competition. The photos were mostly of the end of the competition and all the athletes were laid out flat on their backs. Again I thought, what kind of people want to work out like that, it looks so miserable.
Then in late February I was rear ended at a stoplight. What a stupid frustrating situation. Well we took our car to the body shop that the insurance company recommended. Well there happened to be a flier for Viking Crossfit. Christian picked it up, as he was the one dealing with the car situation. The flier sat on the desk for a week or so, Christian said he was going to try it, and set up a time to go do a free class. He did and came home and said how much fun it was, and that I should go because I would love it. I was adamant that I would never ever go to a crossfit class, because the people who wanted to work out to the point of laying flat on their back had to be some special kind of crazy. Not to mention that I was CRAZY intimidated I was extremely out of shape and had not done really any sort of consistent exercise in YEARS. Also he couldn't walk for a week. Why would I want to do that?
He was eventually able to wear me down, I went in for a free workout, determined that I was going to hate it, just so that he would leave me alone. Well my plan failed. I liked it. The first work out I did was 5 mins. I did sit ups, air squats and pull ups. (I couldn't actually do a pull up, I just jumped).
Well I was hooked, it was actually fun. We signed up a week or so later, and I have been going 4-5 times a week since. I can't believe the transformation that I have seen in myself over the last year. I can do things that I NEVER thought that I would be able to do. Not to mention the crossfit workouts are everything I need for working out. First of all I don't have to plan the work out, it's done by the trainers;  it's basically like having a personal trainer, as there is always one running the class; there is a built in group of people that I get to workout with every day, I need exercise to be a social experience; and lastly it is different every day, there is a variety of workout each week, and they are fast.
I have lost about 25 pounds  and 7 inches off my stomach in the year.

Here is some photo evidence.

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